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The Whispering Dark

We’re unique creatures, humans.  Not only are we conscious of our own mortality, but our survival is based solely on our ability to outwit the environment.  We are vulnerable, soft, squishy, and unprotected…we probably taste like chicken. Humanity never developed the ability to outrun threats or blend into our surroundings.  Rather, we utilize cognition and reason to navigate the world, and have developed tools that allow our success as a species.

Because our survival is dependent on our capacity to think…to fashion tools and to plan, our brains are very good at extrapolating information.  We can take existing knowledge about the world and use it to fill in the blanks, positing theories about what is yet unknown.  If the information is good, this strategy can be very successful.  In his book The First Brain: The Neuroscience of Planarians, Dr. Oné Pagán discusses this concept.  In regards to scientific Theory…

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What vs.Why

Conversations about the divine tend to focus on the content of belief, the what, over the purpose and motivation for such understanding, the why.  However, there is value in the investigation of the human need for faith in a deity, just as there are in the elements of that belief system. Among the problems I have encountered …

Belief and religiosity are not a measure of intelligence

  I was involved in a thread the other day about whether higher education and intelligence were markers for people being less religious. Which, of course, implies the opposite must, therefore, be true. Humans are prone to use ‘us vs. them’ as a way to distinguish and elevate themselves above their perceived enemies. This trope, …