Today I would like to present a guest post by a friend of mine. He is a thoughtful, funny and insightful man, affected like the rest of us by the chaos and seemingly endless strife in the world around us. He asked to do a post on my blog so he could expand beyond the sound-bite world of Twitter. I am happy to present Darren’s work here. Please enjoy.


On October 10, 2017, I watched my beloved US Men’s National Team lose to a young and undermanned Trinidad & Tobago, thereby being eliminated from the 2018 World Cup. Embarrassing was the only word I had to describe it. When you have the capability to get the job done but fail excuses are not to be used. Changes were made, and we shall see if they bear fruit.

“Why something so trivial as soccer” you may ask? It’s because I see it as a microcosm of the state of my country. 11 months before that fateful game Trump won an election. Being complicit in that win is something that should embarrass the entire country. SHOULD! And therein lies the problem. For years before he entered the race, Trump had been known to be a crass, egotistical, wealth-obsessed, womanizing, petulant liar. But showing each of these traits (along with other problematic ones) for more than a year during the election process didn’t seem to matter too much. After all, he was elected. Granted though, Trump didn’t win the general vote only the outdated and unneeded electoral college. What truly speaks volumes is that he was the person who won the Republican nomination in the first place. How in hell could a man who was best known for multiple bankruptcies, wives and hosting a reality show even be a contender for any elected office? As he spewed venom and lies all over the campaign trail, we all had a year to understand what we were in for if the worst-case scenario unfolded. Voters had months and months to make sure this didn’t happen but failed to do their job. Now he sits in the land’s highest office. Embarrassing!

So let’s look at some of the highlights shall we:

Violating the Constitution by not divesting from his businesses


Then Scaramuucci

Now Sanders

4917 lies (probably not accurate but you get the point)

Historically low approval ratings

Still refuses to release tax returns

Broke 64 campaign promises in his 1st month in office

Mar-a-Lago and golf!

Accuses media of being “enemy of the people.”

Trump tweets that Obama wiretapped him (hint: no evidence of wiretapping)

Muslim Ban

2nd Muslim Ban

Trump kicks off re-election campaign in February

Reinstates global gag rule

Reverses a rule that would ban 75000 mentally ill Americans from buying firearms

Omits data about LGBT Americans from census

37 resignations or firings so far

Of course, the ongoing Russian investigation that has led to 4 indictments so far

I haven’t even mentioned his family!

See the point? This is just a small list of the ridiculous and horrid state of this administration. And it didn’t need to be like this. I was no fan of the other Republicans Trump was running against, but at least they were qualified. They would at the very minimum be presidential.

We had a job to do but failed. Embarrassing!

So what can be done? Is there hope? Yes. The easy answer would be to wait and hope that Mueller’s investigation will end with Trump’s removal. The better answer is to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Being lucky to live in a country that grants the freedoms we enjoy also comes with responsibility. When we shirk that responsibility, our current state of affairs is what we get. So changes must be made. Time and again we have made changes to our laws. Usually for the better as many have granted more and more freedoms. Freedoms are right because as our species has evolved and learned it’s what people want. More importantly, freedoms are what people want because they are right. We’ve all heard that freedom isn’t free. Ironically, at this time we are paying the price in letting those in power try to take away too many of our freedoms. If a price is to be paid let it be for the right reasons. Let it be by giving that better answer to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Putting people into office who will not bend to outside influence and who will put the country over party is perhaps our only chance. Voting those people out of office that wants to silence you, take you for granted, limit the freedoms of those they disagree with, fail to uphold their oaths of office and turn our country into an embarrassment is our best hope. And hope is what I have. Our country has persevered through difficult times in the past. We have evolved when needed, and I do feel that we can do it now. We’ve already seen changes in local elections and state legislatures. But we still have a job to do.Vote for those who will give voices to those who are seldom heard.  Vote for those who care about what is best for us. Vote for those who understand that freedom isn’t free and will sacrifice themselves for you. Vote for those that will do their job and not be an embarrassment. Use our freedom and the best weapon we have to say NEVER AGAIN!





  1. Intelligent, insightful and to the point. Many people are coming to this point of view, but not enough, and too slowly. I am dismayed by the number of people who still cannot see the lies and corruption in this administration that would like to become a dictatorship.

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