The Gift

Over the years many of my friends have seen the explosive fits and bursts of creativity and passion that have defined my life and its ever-tumultuous trajectory. Music, poetry, love, and the quest for knowledge (both factual and not-so-factual. See my previous post) have been the gasoline for my internal fire. Through different phases of …


A co-authored post with my dear friend Molly. A most enjoyable endeavor!

The Whispering Dark

Coauthored by Mike (@dogensmoon), of Fighting the Myth


“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
-Albert Einstein

Inertia. A term borrowed from physics and applied to our willingness to enact change. It is a metaphorical use of the word, but it is quite beautiful with strong explanatory powers. The Newtonian definition reads something like ‘a body in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an external force.’ What most people tend to leave out/ neglect is the second piece, ‘a body at rest tends to stay at rest…’ (For a most eloquent discussion about the inertia of ideas, please read Tony’s post here.) Therein lies the philosophical and neurological conundrum: our seeming inability or unwillingness to change. Change our minds, our behavior, and our actions, which tend to keep us locked in situations…

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I was talking with a friend the other day about stuff. All the things that we collect and ferret away into boxes and attics, basements and storage facilities. If your town is anything like mine, you will have noticed the proliferation of 'self-storage' facilities. What in the world do we need all this stuff for? …

Taking Sides

Pardon the interruption Just a different tack this morning. More of a journal/stream of consciousness thing. We will resume our regular Science, Sociology, Morality blogging in a few days. After posting some of my poetry yesterday, several people approached me on twitter to ask questions and tell me how they could relate to what I …


I need to remember Love once seemed magical To mean something Now, it seems All I can do is to remember remembering. What would it be to feel? What would it be if it were here, now? With me, not simply words upon a page I need to remember.


Here lies nothing A simple thought From a frantic mind Sitting here on the edge So easily deceived Visions so grand Yet not to be believed Waiting to hear the truth Lips that have not spoken A promise soon is broken If I can yet feel it  Does that make it real? Holding in my …


Just wanted to link this blog as it dovetails quite nicely with some of the ideas I am working with at my own site.

The Whispering Dark

We’re unique creatures, humans.  Not only are we conscious of our own mortality, but our survival is based solely on our ability to outwit the environment.  We are vulnerable, soft, squishy, and unprotected…we probably taste like chicken. Humanity never developed the ability to outrun threats or blend into our surroundings.  Rather, we utilize cognition and reason to navigate the world, and have developed tools that allow our success as a species.

Because our survival is dependent on our capacity to think…to fashion tools and to plan, our brains are very good at extrapolating information.  We can take existing knowledge about the world and use it to fill in the blanks, positing theories about what is yet unknown.  If the information is good, this strategy can be very successful.  In his book The First Brain: The Neuroscience of Planarians, Dr. Oné Pagán discusses this concept.  In regards to scientific Theory…

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